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BW2 Cast Iron NBR

BW2 Cast Iron NBR


Max GPM 10.5, Max psi 60, Body Iron, Stator NBR

Wobble Pump for use in small Industrial Applications up to 10.5 GPM Flowrate and 60 psi Maximum Pressure. Designed to handle liquids of all viscosities and even products with high solids contents.

Due to the Cast Iron casing this progressive cavity pump is suitable for most non-corrosive applications; i.e., water based slurries, oils, lubricants, neutral waste materials.

The stator is made of NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber); a wear resistant material that is suitable for most water or oil based materials, aliphatic hydrocarbons, dilute acids, aniline hydrocarbons, liquid propane, mineral oils and asphaltine crude oils.

Flange connection according to DIN EN ISO 228-1 or NPT.

Please select your needed Motor Type using the table below.

If you have further questions or need assistance please contact us.

More Information about Wobble Pumps in the Brochure Wobble Pumps

Variant Drive max GPM max rpm
A 1HP – AC w/control 10.5 1800
C 1HP/3ph,6pole 7.0 1200
D 1.5HP/1ph,4pole 10.5 1800
E 1.5HP/3ph,4 pole 10.5 1800

Dimensional Drawings:
1HP/AC w/control (PDF|DWG)
1HP/3ph, 6pole (PDF|DWG)
1.5HP/1ph, 4pole (PDF|DWG)
1.5HP/3ph, 4pole (PDF|DWG)

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