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seepex BuildingSEEPEX Inc. was incorporated in April of 1991, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Seeberger GmbH + Co. The first facility was on Valley Street in Dayton, Ohio. In 1996, it was decided by management that a permanent, company owned facility needed to be established to demonstrate the commitment SEEPEX had to the North American market. The facility is nearly 40,000 ft2 and located in an industrial park outside of Enon, Ohio, on nearly 14 acres of land. Virtually all of the pumps supplied in the Americas are manufactured or assembled in the Enon facility.

SEEPEX Inc. has its own financial reporting functions, banking and credit agreements, sales and marketing staff and engineering support. SEEPEX offers motor and drive variations, electrical variations, threading and machining standards for North America and various documentation requirements determined by various governmental and industry regulatory entities.

SEEPEX Inc. has developed over the last 20 years into the dominant supplier of progressive cavity pumps in many markets in the Americas. It has the largest sales, service and engineering support organization of any supplier in North America. In almost all situations, SEEPEX exceeds the requirements to qualify as a supplier under the Buy American clauses required for US government procurement and the duty reductions associated with the NAFTA and CAFTA trade agreements. SEEPEX Inc. has received the Ohio Governor’s Award for Export Excellence in both 2004 and 2008, not only due to its supply of stators to other SEEPEX entities but also because of significant growth of market share in Canada and Latin America.