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Why Wobble Pumps?

Because they are used in applications such as agriculture, ceramics, chemical and biochemical industry, construction, dyeing and varnishing, electroplating, environment technology, fish industry, food and beverage industry, mining, nonmetallic minerals, oil production and offshore technology, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, pulp and paper industry, shipbuilding, sugar industry, supply and waste disposal industry, textile industry, vehicle construction and equipment and wood processing industry.


  • Service-friendly and economical due to simple pump construction
  • Rapid exchange of conveying elements due to rotating unit with only one joint
  • Space-saving due to short, compact design with directly flanged drive (block design)
  • Conveying capacity: up to 10 m3/h (44 USGPM), Pressure: up to 4 bar (60 psi)


  • Improved geometries for improved efficiency
  • Flat performance curves for predictable performance
  • Thick stator cross sections reduce "slip" and improve longevity
  • Unique stator design eliminates stress "risers"
  • Reliable in thousands of grinder pump applications
  • The SEEPEX¬†universal joint system, proven for 35 years
  • DIN 24960 seals for easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Silicon carbide seal faces for long life
  • Close coupled design with 4 and 6 pole motors
  • Energy efficient motors suitable for VFD operation
  • Pumps and motors are stocked for immediate shipment
  • Available in cast iron and stainless steel
  • Available in direct drive and several variable speed designs