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BWC 3-A progessive cavity pump

BWC1 Stainless Steel 3-A FKM


Max GPM 5.5, Max psi 90, Body SS, Stator 3-A FKM

BWC pumps can convey liquids, with high solids content, up to 40,000 centipoise.  The pump is fitted with a maintenance-free single mechanical seal, which has low wear and is highly resistant to the extreme pressure. Made with 316 stainless steel parts and FDA approved material, the design has parts that can be easily disassembled making technical service quick and simple.  The versatile SEEPEX BWC progressive cavity pump is easily integrated into any complete turn-key system and is compatible with various drives and motors which can be flanged directly to the pump.   This food grade pump is certified according to the 3-A Sanitary Standard of the United States with COP (clean out of place) capabilities, and for most products is also CIP (clean-in-place).

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Variant Drive max GPM rated rpm
A 1HP – AC w/control 2.0 600
C 1 HP – 3ph, 6 pole 3.7 1200
D 1.5 HP – 1ph, 4 pole 5.5 1800
E 1.5 HP – 3ph, 4 pole 5.5 1800

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